Municipalities play an important role in mitigating the effects of the current housing crisis: they are familiar with local housing challenges for which local solutions may be worked out. Periféria Center partners with municipalities in better understanding local housing processes and outlining alternative and innovative public policy answers. Through consulting we support municipal projects which aim to tackle the housing crisis.



Housing Challenges and their Solutions - The Role of Local Governments in Hungary

2019. Czirfusz, Márton. Friedrich Ebert Stiftung

This study summarizes which room for manoeuvre local governments have in Hungary for putting forward progressive housing policies under the current national legislative framework. Although Hungarian local governments have limited financial means to implement progressive housing policies, they still play a crucial role in alleviating the effects of the current housing crisis locally.

Public lectures

Housing - Local Possibilities [Lakhatás – helyi lehetőségek]

August 29, 2019. Czirfusz, Márton. Budapest: FES-MMAA - Housing - Constraints and Possibilities [Lakhatás – kényszerek és lehetőségek].