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With regard to the impact of transnational migration on urban transformations, the public and mainstream policies tend to stigmatize, exoticize, or conceive of the areas with high  concentration of migrant population as sources of segregation, or of tourist attractions. As opposed to this, the aim of Periféria Center is to disclose the agency and active participation of migrants, with particular attention to migrant entrepreneurs in urban regeneration processes. More specifically, our goal is to present the interplay between migration and the renewal of those brownfield areas, and precincts of shrinking cities which keep struggling with the acute shortage of large scale capital investments. We are to point out the significant role that the local, small scale investments of the frequently stigmatized groups of minorities play in urban transformations.

Public lectures

Housing of Refugees in Hungary

November 12, 2020. Szabó, Linda. Online: Refugees and Migrants Integration in Hungary. Organized by Menedék Association

Chinese Retailers in Budapest, with Special Focus on Skála-stores [Kínai vállalkozók Budapesten és a Skála áruházakban]

November 16, 2013. Szabó, Linda. Budapest: Rethinking Spaces of Retail: Skála Metro at Nyugati Square. Failed Architecture Workshop. Organized by the Municipality of Budapest and the Hungarian Contemporary Architecture Centre


Chinese import/export and urban transformation in Europe

Novembe 12, 2022. Szabó, Linda. San Francisco, online: “Diasporic Futures: Sinophobia, Techno-Political Strife, and the Politics of Care” (30th Anniversary Conference of the founding of the International Society for the Study of Chinese Overseas (ISSCO)

New Roles Chinese Can Play on Budapest Housing Market

November 12-13, 2020. Szabó, Linda, Fanni Beck, and Eszter Knyihár. Paris: 4th CERPE Workshop - Chinese migrations in Europe: between continuity and renewal


Chinese "Golden Visa" Migrants in Budapest

2021. Szabó, Linda, F. Beck, and E. Knyihár.

In: Global Dialogue 2021 April 28-29.

Gentrification of Józsefváros and Its Detrimental Effects on Local Minorities.

2015. Szabó, Linda. In Minority Rights Group International (ed.) State of the World's Minorities and Indigenous Peoples 2015: Case Studies

A Missed Opportunity in Cities' Competition for Better Positionality? Possibilities of a "Chinatown" in Budapest [Elszalasztott előny a városok pozíciós versenyében? Egy '"Kínai negyed" lehetőségei Budapesten]

2009. Szabó, Linda

Café Babel, 60. 81-91.


CHERN Joint Working Group Conference

September 3, 2022. Szabó, Linda. CHERN, Paris. 

Press appearances

Chinese  migrants in Hungary [Kínaiak Magyarországon]

April 17, 2014. Szabó, Linda. Radio Talk - Tilos Rádió: Kovács Ádám Hangpostája 

Vanishing marketplaces - for the sake of the middle class [Megszűnő piacok: A középosztály nevében]

December 13, 2013. Szabó, Linda.

Urban walks

'Towards a Chinatown' [2020]

Szabó, Linda

We have been organizing thematic urban walking tours for both local and foreign student and non-student groups for years. One of those has aimed to show the impact of Chinese entrepreneurs’ activities on the renewal of brownfield sites in the eighth and tenth districts of Budapest. During the tour we tend to discuss questions on how a ‘Chinatown’ may be defined, which actors, when, why, and how can contribute to develop a ‘Chinatown’ in the city. This way we also ponder on the historical and global contexts of the interplay between migration and urban transformations.


In case you are interested to participate in this thematic tour, you can sign up here.

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