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Periféria Policy and Research Center is a group of professionals which grew out of the Collective for Critical Urban Research. Our members have been working together on issues related to spatial and social inequalities since 2009. Founding Periféria Center in 2018 was the next step in this decade-long common work.


Our founding members have various disciplinary backgrounds in social sciences – economics, sociology, urban and regional policy, human geography and anthropology –, and also have experience in policy making and social movements. Thanks to opening new positions for co-workers and interns in 2019, ​the fields of expertise of our organization have further expanded in areas of sociology and architecture, covering topics of renewable energy communities, and researching large scale infrastructure development.


Our series of Periféria Working Papers was launched in 2020, presenting the current state of our work in academic research, policy-making, and political engagement. Since 2022 an Advisory Board of independent international experts has been helping the work of Periféria Center. 

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