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We collaborate with Habitat for Humanity Hungary in compiling their Annual Report on Housing Poverty in Hungary. The report – published in Hungarian, with an English summary – analyses the past years' housing trends and public policy developments, both for the general public and the professional audience. The reports highlight challenges which the most vulnerable groups of our communities face in the current housing crisis and outlines public policy answers to improve their situation.






Report on Housing Poverty in Hungary [Éves jelentés a lakhatási szegénységről]

2019. Jelinek, Csaba, Márton Czirfusz, and Zsuzsanna Pósfai (eds). Habitat for Humanity Hungary

The 2019 report, apart from permanent topics, covered challenges that young households experience on the housing market, the role of local governments to tackle the housing crisis, as well as a comparison of housing poverty trends across Visegrád Four countries. The main findings of the report are that the Hungarian housing crisis did not ease, and government policies did not improve the situation of people in housing poverty.

Report on housing poverty_HU_2019_cover_

Housing policies and housing affordability in Hungary after 1990

2021. Czirfusz, Márton, and Csaba Jelinek. In: Vankó, Lili (ed.) Annual Report on Housing Poverty 2021. Habitat for Humanity Hungary, Budapest

Report on Housing Poverty in Hungary [Éves jelentés a lakhatási szegénységről]

2020. Czirfusz, Márton, Zsuzsanna Pósfai, and Linda Szabó (authors). Habitat for Humanity Hungary

In 2020 we contributed to the annual report on Hungarian housing poverty in three chapters: we accounted for the housing expenditures of the central state and on housing affordability in Hungary, while also analyzed the numbers of foreign individual buyers among Hungarian housing investors.

Report on Housing Poverty in Hungary [Éves jelentés a lakhatási szegénységről]

2018. Pósfai, Zsuzsanna, Csaba Jelinek, and Márton Czirfusz (eds). Habitat for Humanity Hungary

The 2018 report estimated that 20-30% of the Hungarian population lives in housing poverty. Apart from the main aspects of affordability, access to housing and public policy changes, which are covered in each yearly report, the 2018 report highlighted the issue of exploitative forms of rent, household indebtedness and spatial processes of housing poverty. The Hungarian online version contained data visualizations as well as an open access database of housing-related statistics.


Geographische Prozesse der Gentrifizierung und Verdrängung in Ungarn von 2001 bis 2011

September 25. 2019. Czirfusz, Márton, István Pósfai and Zsuzsanna Pósfai. Kiel: Arbeitskreis Geographische Wohnungsmarktforschung

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