Periféria Policy and Research Center is a group of professionals which grew out of the Collective for Critical Urban Research. Our members have been working together on issues related to spatial and social inequalities since 2009. Founding Periféria Center in 2018 was the next step in this decade-long common work. Our activities move along the interfaces of academic research, policy work and direct social engagement, constantly searching for ways to create tighter linkages among these fields. Our founding members have various disciplinary backgrounds in social sciences – economics, sociology, urban and regional policy, human geography and anthropology –, and also have experience in policy making and social movements.



Studied geography with a specialization in regional analysis at the Eötvös Loránd Science University and received his doctoral degree in human geography. He has more than ten years’ experience in basic and applied research in the field of urban and regional development in Hungary. With a disciplinary background in human geography he understands uneven development and social inequalities as inherently spatial phenomena. Apart from his academic background he has practical skills in data analysis and GIS applications. He was member of the editorial board of LeftEast online journal between 2013 and 2018.


Finished his studies in the field of urban sociology and anthropology at the Central European University and wrote his PhD dissertation on the history of Hungarian urban regeneration policies. In his research he focuses on social inequalities, urban regeneration, gentrification and the political economy of development projects. He has collaborated with several local municipalities in Hungary in planning socially sensitive urban policies and interventions. Recently, he is interested in municipal budgeting and forms of financing, as well as models for housing cooperatives.


Holds an MA in urban and regional policy from Sciences Po Paris, and received her doctoral degree in the framework of a Marie Curie ITN project “RegPol2”. She has been engaged in the field of housing and housing policy for ten years. Her point of departure was to step up against the social injustice of housing poverty. This was organically followed by the exploration of public policy possibilities of this field in the French and Hungarian public administration. In recent years her academic work gained more weight, focusing on the mechanisms of investment in the housing market and the financialization of housing. She is also active in a group developing a model for rental-based housing cooperatives in Hungary.


Studied in the fields of urban sociology and anthropology at the Central European University, and at the Corvinus University of Budapest. Currently, she is writing her dissertation at the Central European University about the socio-spatial impact of Chinese entrepreneurship in Hungary, mainly Budapest. Her research explores the effects of both small and large real estate market actors on urban regeneration, as well as their relations with state actors emerging on the real estate market and urban politics. Previously, she has participated in several international research projects concerning urban regeneration, migration, social justice and inequality policies.


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