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In the frame of our policy work and public engagement in the past years we have participated in writing urban development strategies and anti-segregation plans for several cities in Hungary. We have taken on leading roles in planning various local and national projects funded by the European Union, concerning projects of social urban rehabilitation, the Urban Development Handbook for the 2007–2013 programming period, and the coordination between different levels of administration  in the two-tier system of Budapest for the 2014–2020 period.

In our applied research we have focused on urban development, urban regeneration, housing policy and energy poverty. We have done policy consultancy work and have also taken on public (and media) interventions in related topics.

We believe that policy proposals should not stay within a closed circle of experts, and that the relevance of these proposals should constantly be confronted with the position and needs of organisations active on the ground. In order to facilitate this, we have organized both national and international workshops and multilateral meetings on multiple occasions. We also aim to influence public opinion with our activity. Thus, in order to disseminate the academic and professional knowledge gathered in our focus themes as broadly as possible, we have given public talks and have written Hungarian press articles on numerous occasions. We are also working on making this kind of content accessible in visual forms, and also for a broader, more international public.








Housing crisis in Hungary [Lakhatási válság Magyarországon]

November 23, 2018. Márton Czirfusz. Budapest: The Night of Colleges for Advanced Studies.

Workshop on 'Alternative Housing Models' 

November 5, 2018. Csaba Jelinek. Prague: Czech Academy of Sciences. Organized by the Institute of Sociology of the Czech Academy of Sciences

What is our position in the 8th? [Hol a helyünk a 8-ban?]

October 31, 2018. Márton Czirfusz. Budapest: Gólya. Free October Festival.

Discussion on gentrification in Budapest

May 26, 2018. Csaba Jelinek. Budapest. Organized by Klu-Béla Community

Sociological aspects of contemporary urbanism. [A kortárs urbanisztika szociológiai kihívásai]

May 7, 2018. Csaba Jelinek. Veszprém: Hangvilla.

Co-operative housing models in Latin-America. [Szövetkezeti lakhatás Dél-Amerikában]

April 3, 2018. Zsuzsanna Pósfai. Budapest: Gólya.

Urban regeneration - Asset or reset? [Városrehabilitáció - Veszély vagy esély?]

March 20, 2018. Csaba Jelinek. Budapest: Corvinus University of Budapest.

Urban marginalization and segregation. [Nagyvárosi marginalizáció és szegregáció]

October 24, 2017. Zsuzsanna Pósfai. Budapest: Eötvös Loránd Science University, Criminology Department.

The dual city and the global processes. [Kettészakadó város a globális folyamatok tükrében]

November 12, 2015. Márton Berki, Márton Czirfusz, Csaba Jelinek. Békéscsaba: Hungarian Association of Geographers, Department of Körösvidék.

Dialectic critical urban theory in a gentrifying neighbourhood of Budapest

June 13, 2015. Collective for Critical Urban Research. Thessaloniki: UniConflicts in spaces of crisis. Critical approaches in, against and beyond the University

Introducing a critical approach in Hungary’s urban research and policy

June 12, 2015. Collective for Critical Urban Research. Thessaloniki: UniConflicts in spaces of crisis. Critical approaches in, against and beyond the University

The dual city - Gentrification in Budapest. [A kettészakadó város - dzsentrifikáció Budapesten]

March 17, 2015. Márton Czirfusz, Vera Horváth, Csaba Jelinek, Zsuzsanna Pósfai. Budapest: Gólya Community House and Cooperative.

Critical urban studies in Hungary. [Kritikai városkutatás Magyarországon]

April 14, 2014. Judit Bodnár, Zoltán Gyimesi, Zsófia Ivanics, Csaba Jelinek, Zsuzsanna Pósfai.  Budapest: Budapest Circle 104.

For whom do they build the creative city? [Kinek épül a kreatív város?]

April 4, 2014. Márton Czirfusz. Budapest: Construma 34. International Exhibition for Construction  Industry

Chinese Retailers in Budapest, with Special Focus on Skála-stores

November 16, 2013. Linda Szabó. Budapest: Rethinking Spaces of Retail: Skála Metro at Nyugati Square. Failed Architecture Workshop. Organized by the Municipality of Budapest and the Hungarian Contemporary Architecture Centre

Struct.Zine #3 journal launch event. [Struct.Zine #3 – Lapszámbemutató kerekasztal-beszélgetés. ]

June 11, 2013. Márton Czirfusz, Csaba Jelinek. Budapest: FUGA Architecture Center of Budapest

Integrated Urban Planning in the hierarchy of plans - Hungarian and international examples. [IVS a tervhierarchiában: nemzetközi és hazai tapasztalatok]

November 30, 2009. Márton Czirfusz. Budapest: Budapest Circle 55.

elemzések, jelentések

The lack of a proper housing policy is a ticking time bomb ["Időzített bombaként ketyeg alattunk, hogy nincs állami lakáspolitika" ]

December 27, 2017.

You cannot find an affordable rent? It is only the tip of the iceberg [Nem találsz megfizethető albérletet Budapesten? Ez csak a jéghegy csúcsa ]

October 5, 2015. Blog Kettős Mérce

There is a housing crisis in Hungary. ["Ma Magyarországon lakhatási válság van" ]

March 21, 2014.

Staying silent is a political act, too. ["Csendben maradni is politikai tett"]

March 12, 2014.

Vanishing markets - for the sake of the middle class [Megszűnő piacok: A középosztály nevében]

December 13, 2013.

közéleti írások, interjúk

How global financial markets influence your housing costs. [Így befolyásolja a globális pénzpiac, hogy mennyibe kerül a lakhatásod]

April 30, 2018. Zsuzsanna Pósfai. mé

Channels and Patterns of Investment in the Hungarian Housing Market

January 30, 2018. Zsuzsanna Pósfai. Leipzig Institut für Landerkun

+1 - Episode 3_CSI: Budapest.

2014. Márton Czirfusz, Zsófia Ivanics, Csaba Jelinek, Zsuzsanna Pósfai

8ker+én photovoice project in Józsefváros (video)

2010. Zsuzsanna Pósfai

audiovizuális anyagok

We have organized thematic urban walks in Hungarian, English and German for various groups (e.g. architects, university students, high school students) about the history of the Budapest inner city, with special focus on transformations after 1989, about gentrification in various districts of Budapest, about the history of Chinese entrepreneurship and investments in Budapest, about the Infopark office development project, about waterfront urban development projects, and about the transformation of the agglomeration areas of Budapest after 1989.

In 2014 we organized a local history exhibition and community event in Gólya Community House and Cooperative, with the participation of the former guests of the bar and restaurant, as well as neighborhood residents.

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